Hosted PBX and SIP


SIP Trunking or Hosted PBX?

Whats right for me?

For SIP Trunking, the PBX equipment is situated on-premise, whereby Your VoIP is deployed in the cloud.   With SIP Trunking, the organisation purchases and maintains the equipment and carries out all configuration, upgrades, security, and general management as an IT function.

The PBX establishes a direct internet connection with Yourcomms SIP Trunks and allows calls out to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

VoIP is a HostedPBX owned by Yourcomms, deployed in the cloud, and provided ‘as a Service’ offering a range of VoIP functionality such as IVR Menus, Call Queues, Hunt Groups, Call Diverts & Voicemail. With VoIP, companies pay a subscription depending on the number of handsets (licenses) they need and all functionality is included.

The Benefits

Unlock the power

· Save money on call costs and line rental

· Free site to site calls

· Provision new lines and phone numbers in a number of minutes

· Built-in Business Continuity – Disaster recovery, credit control and fraud management.

· Little to no upfront capital expenditure