Vehicle Tracking and Telematics

Fleet management is the control of commercial vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks to ensure that you know the location of your fleet at all times. It ensures that your drivers are using the most effective routes and identifies problems so that you can react to them in real time.

The benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Being able to see your entire fleet enables you to manage productivity and fuel consumption more effectively.
  • Better vehicle health
  • Our management systems can monitor vehicle health in real time, meaning problems are reported early and your fleet spends less time off the road.

Easy reporting

Take the hassle out of your expense forms and P11D forms with our in-depth reporting tools. Full visibility of mileage and journey details at the touch of a button means you and your team spend less time on paperwork.

Better service to your customers

With real time tracking information, you can give your customers real time information on where your drivers are and when they can expect to see them.